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We welcomed Dcn. Dan Korenchan from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Dcn. Dan is completing his 6th year at Mundelein Seminary for the Archdiocese of Chicago. A former Certified Public Accountant, his vocational journey is one of a deep desire for joy and fulfillment, and it led him to a renewed desire for God to be the center of his life while at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dcn. Dan loves to talk about his experiences of God’s profound love in his vocational discernment, seminary, and prayer life, and encourage others to ‘be not afraid’ in the words of St. John Paul II! When not in the chapel or classroom, Dcn. Dan enjoys playing basketball and describing the fun of ministry through memes.


Hello, my name is Damian and I am from Poland, I moved to the USA in 2014. I started attending Latin mass in St. Cantius (Chicago) at the end of 2020 and that is where I found Peter and Paul’s group and felt a real faith.