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Submit Your Prayer Intentions

We will pray in your intentions for 7 days, please do so for others’ intention so we can storm heaven.

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    # Your Name Your Intention Created
    # Your Name Your Intention Created
    1 Please pray for Crystal who is going through a mental health crisis and being spiritually attacked. Also, please pray for her sister who is currently going through a hard time in discernment and hard time in making mountains move. Feb-01-2023 17:43:50
    2 Please pray for Brenda and the conversion of her soul to God. And for her healing of mind, body, and soul. Amen. Jan-10-2023 15:06:47
    3 Pls pray for woman who is harmful to people around her and society. Probably not atheist but very anti God. Needs to be humbled, brought low by God. Pray God will place bounds on her misbehaviors. Thx! Nov-25-2022 02:48:56
    4 Sam An older woman (a believer) in LA and 2 other family members are very abusive toward the rest of the family who are greatly harmed by them. No matter what, they're not willing to change. While humans have the free will to disobey God, God doesn't have to allow their harm to play out, in His sovereignty. Pls ask God to STOP and PREVENT their harmful actions from playing out; and remove their frightening power and dominance within the family. Ask for angelic intervention. Desperate prayer! Pls forward request to other ministries ASAP! Oct-26-2022 19:49:56
    5 Please pray for my marriage and our soon to arrive baby. Oct-26-2022 18:10:17
    6 Please, pray for mi heart, my decisions and Jesus reveal to my life the plans he has for me. Oct-25-2022 15:31:10
    7 For patience and steadfastness in living with a new diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. Jul-14-2022 17:07:05
    8 Albert Dizenzo For the relief of severe pain in my back and neck that has been plaguing me. I'm unable to sleep for months. Jun-30-2022 13:01:28
    9 Please pray for my girlfriend Nikki. Please pray for my dad, mom, brother, and sister bella. Please pray for George and his recovery. Please pray for me that I can become a priest. May-19-2022 02:51:24